‘Megastar’ calls Politics a Game

Politics is more than just a game.

It is a broad and critical aspect that affects our life as human beings in relation to other people, to government, to society and to other nations and all the things around us.

But it is not really hard to understand why showbiz icon Sharon Cuneta regards Politics as a Game.

Before we tell the reason why, let us quote part of Sharon’s statement last Tuesday that she posted on her Facebook Page.

The “megastar’ wrote that she is praying that, “after this game called politics is over, that wounds are healed, loved ones do not doubt your love for them………”

This may not be a big deal for the thousands of her bashers as well as supporters alike who understandably focused their attention on the difficult situation she is in at the moment.

But such regard of politics as a game should not be taken for granted — from my vantage point. It entails bad as well as good connotations.

One might say we’re taking this out of context but it is not because for a student of Politics, this is a big issue for debate and discussion in the classroom.

However, we must respect Sharon’s view. He may not even realized that when she was writing it.

She has a reason to feel that way because she has spent almost all her life with politicians — prominent public officials. So she knows what politics is all about.

Her father served as Mayor for many years in Pasay City and married to Senator Francis Pangilinan and Senate President Vicente Sotto III is an uncle by affinity.

Both Pangilinan and Sotto are candidates for vice president in the 2022 Elections.

This is the critical situation that Sharon is facing right now that is why she turned to her FB page to explain it and became viral. (You can see the complete text of her statement at her FB page).

At some point in time I also believe that politics is a game for many, a sad reality not just here in our country but somewhere else around the world even in the ancient times.

Though it maybe true as Sharon also sees it, but then again politics is more than just a game.

Considered as one of the oldest professions, politics, according to Michael Curtis in The Great Political Theories (A comprehensive selection of the crucial ideas in political philosophy from Plato and Aristotle to Locke and Montesquieu) is “more than a sordid, if exciting, story of personal intrigue and machination.”

Look at our country’s leaders. They quarrel on almost anything. They set their own agendas and criticize the rival’s political platforms.

Politics is more than the “spectacle of a multitude of ambitious politicians trampling on one another’s egos.”

I am pretty sure, Sharon knows the above “shallow” definitions of politics.

Politicians fighting like kids over a lost candy.

Curtis notes that politics is also the history of strong differing conceptions of the desirability of public policies, and beliefs on the right kind of political structure and behavior.”

This would mean that politicians should refrain from character assassinations and demagoguery. Instead, our candidates must focus on the real issues confronting the nation.

They must present to the voters a clear picture of their policies that they are going to implement during the next three or six years of their term.

They must start now giving us hopes to address the complex problems of the country that includes massive poverty in the cities and countryside, unemployment, high prices of basic commodities, low wages in the labor sector, over dependence on imported agricultural products, and the current health situation due to the Corona virus and many others.

Hopes not false promises are what the electorate deserve to expect from the candidates.

We need leaders who are not playing games during political exercises like the upcoming 2022 Elections.


2 thoughts on “‘Megastar’ calls Politics a Game

    1. For sure, playing game with Politics as Sharon said will continue to affect the political atmosphere which will remain as a stumbling block for economic, social and political development.


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