SAIL FURTHER SOUTH A voyage taleMakes sense to know.To know our past,A noble act. In ancient timesSung’s men sail south.A scorching sunOf wondrous shine. A starry nightLeans crescent moon.A seamen’s songLifts up the soul. A fisher’s wish,School of fish.To aim no matter what,A spot away homeland. One darkest night,October moon in hide.Sung’s fishermenDelighted by lamplight.…

‘Celebrities’ now hope of Rizal’s motherland?

THE great plebeian Dr. Jose Rizal said ” the youth is the hope of the motherland.” But I think, nowadays, we can change ótemporarily that ‘battlecry’ because the hope of many Pinoy fans for a better life are the movie actors and actresses, professional athletes and television anchors. Through the years and here and there…

‘Megastar’ calls Politics a Game

Politics is more than just a game. It is a broad and critical aspect that affects our life as human beings in relation to other people, to government, to society and to other nations and all the things around us. But it is not really hard to understand why showbiz icon Sharon Cuneta regards Politics…

SOMETIMES REGRET COMES FIRST: Who’s next after Noli De Castro?

Election results are always unpredictable. Candidates take risks and regret it later as they end up sore losers. But ABS-CBN news anchor Noli De Castro made the wisest move so far in the runup to the 2022 elections. Will there be more? The former Vice President just withdrew from the senatorial race, drawing much applause…


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